Different types of trolleys

Many people perceive trolleys as being functional only in supermarkets. However, this is far from the reality since there are different types especially made for diverse purposes. A trolley can be used to ferry items from one place to another.

Since it has wheels, transporting bulky goods is made simple. Typically, trolleys have a basket or platform that is used for carrying goods.  Today, the trolley is used for a diverse range of applications. They come in several designs and sizes.

Various types

It is worth noting that different trolleys have varying features. Each trolley is designed for a specific purpose hence has features that make it suitable for its specific use. The flatbed trolley is designed with a flat surface for carrying goods. This trolley is either made from wood or metal. The wooden type is used to ferry lighter goods while the metal flatbed trolley is suitable for heavy and bulky goods.

The wooden trolley is fitted with a swivel castor, which enables it to work perfectly. In some instances, the truck is also classified as a trolley. The platform type works sufficiently in different capacities. Some of these are designed with boarded or mesh sides,though, this is largely dependent on its functionality.

The airport trolley is yet another common type that works well in environments dealing with cash and carry. This type of trolley is made using stack and aluminum, which makes them portable and simple to use. One major advantage of this kind of trolley is that it saves on space. The turntable table trolley is fitted with a steering kind of plate in its front view, which makes it easy to move around. It has a sturdy and light weight chassis making it portable.

For extremely heavy weights, the Massive Mumma trolley is designed to accommodate weights of up to 600 kg. These types have firm bases and frames.

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